What’s Wrong With My Roses?

Check out this diagram of possible rose issues then read the solutions below! Still puzzled? Call us on 045879138 or email Greenfly/Blackfly (Aphids): Use Roseclear Powdery Mildew: Use Roseclear Rose Slugworm: Use Ultimate Bug Killer Red Spider Mite: Use Ultimate Bug Killer Rust: Use Roseclear Cuckoo Spit: This can be hosed off Stem Canker: Prune this out Capsid: Use ...

White Fragrant Plants are Houseplant of the Month!

Smell that? That's the intoxicating smell of Gardenia, Stephanotis and Jasmine that are Houseplant of the Month! Not only are they spectacular to look at, these white beauties have a beautiful perfume that provide natural aromatherapy in your home. Don't let their delicate, pretty look fool you, these are pretty hardy when provided with some light (not direct sunlight) and ...

What’s Wrong With My Tomatoes?

Check out this diagram of possible tomato issues then read the solutions below! Still puzzled? Call us on 045879138 or email Wilt: Water more Whitefly/greenfly/blackfly: SB Invigorator Red Spider Mite: SB Invigorator Sun Scortch: Blossom End Rot: Water regularly Fruit Splitting: Water Regularly Caterpillars: Pick them off Tomato Blight: Blight Control Greenback: It's too hot - give more ventilation ...

Rootstocks Explained

Rootstocks are essentially used to control certain aspects or features of fruit trees such as size, hardiness and disease resistance. They have other specific influences such as winter hardiness, early yield, good fruit size, phytophora and collar rot resistance, replant disease tolerance and mildew and woolly aphid resistance. The one thing they all have in common is that they produce ...

What’s Wrong With My Houseplants?

Check out this diagram of possible houseplant issues then read the solutions below! Still puzzled? Call us on 045879138 or email Whitefly: SB Invigorator Spots or Patches on leaves: Fungus Clear Powdery Mildew: Fungus Clear Mealy Bug: Ultimate Bug Killer Yellowing: Indoor Plant Food Greenfly: SB Invigorator Grey Mould (Botrytis): Fungus Clear Red Spider Mite Leaf Bronzing: SB Invigorator ...

Delightful Dahlias! – All you need to know

So you have decided to grow Dahlias, great! As many gardeners have found though, you can never just grow one! Dahlias are a gardeners dream no matter if you have¬†expert green¬†fingers or beginner butter fingers you will never regret growing Dahlias. They come in so many different heights, colours, shapes, sizes – a bit like us really! And the best …


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