Jobs For The Spring Garden

Spring has FINALLY arrived! It’s the best time of year to be in the garden so enough chit-chat, here is what you should be doing over the next 3 months in the garden!


Start seed potatoes off now indoors so they can develop green sprouts. Choose some First Early varieties so you can have your own potatoes in Mid June!

Egg cartons work really well!

Egg cartons work really well!

Order your vegetable seeds now for spring sowing. Need a refresher or not sure where to get started?  See our post about growing your own! 



Prune fruit bushes, and Roses now.



Tidy all wall climbers, Trim where needed and tie in where needed. Click here for all the essentials you need



Plant flower bulbs now for colour from now until autumn. Use potgrown bulbs for early spring colour and from March onwards, plant bulbs of Dahlia, Begonia & Lily.


Plant new Barerooted Hedges before end of March.



Spray off any weeds, and dig a trench along the required length.

Select either Beech, Hornneam , Privet or Whitethorn.

Pot Grown hedging can of course be planted at any time of year.

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