How to Care for Christmas Poinsettia

Ah Poinsettia… along with the Christmas Tree this pretty flower is definitely a symbol of the holidays. When everything outside has turned bare, damp and grey the Poinsettia adds a special, vibrant and festive touch to our homes. Unfortunately though, the Poinsettia has earned a bad rep for being a “difficult to care for plant” but with our help you will be on the best start to keeping your red, white or pink beauty looking healthy and cheery all through the holidays – and beyond!

So, why the bad rep?

Well, to compensate for its sheer beauty and vibrance, the Poinsettia is an extremely sensitive flower. After all, it’s origins are from Mexico which explains it’s dislike for cold and wind. That’s not to say this Winter gem can’t survive in a cosy Irish living room! There are just a few simple rules to follow:

  • Poinsettias need warmth and light
  • Living room windowsills make a good home
  • No open doorways and halls
  • No fireplaces
  • No open windows
  • No droughts!

How to buy a Poinsettia

Avoid Poinsettias that are placed right next to automatic supermarket doors. They have been heavily exposed to Winter winds and will not last much longer in your living room.

If you can, check the soil. It should be neither too wet nor dry. Once you have your chosen Poinsettia wrap it up warm for the journey home and place t in a prime position to add festive cheer!

Too much? Just make a flower arrangement!

If you are really not feeling green fingered this Winter, you can always buy a Poinsettia, cut the bracts off the plant dip the cut ends into boiling water for about 20 seconds then immediately dip into cold water. This will keep the leaves looking fresh for up to a week and make beautiful Christmas floral arrangements.

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