Throw & Grow! – Seed Bombs

Seed bombs have been around a while but we need them more than ever! With precious bees rapidly dying out we need to provide a better environment by allowing greater access to wildflowers and plants.



If you don’t have space for a bee – friendly garden don’t worry! You can easily make these great “seed bombs” and throw them around your neighbourhood and nearby walking route, roundabouts, woodland trails, anywhere that flowers can grow you can throw a seed bomb! They are also fun to make so get the whole family involved and spend an afternoon throwing some seed bombs!

They are super easy and cost efficient to make and you are helping to save the environment! It doesn’t get much better than that!

You will need:

1 cup compost

1 cup clay (from your garden will do!)

Wildflower seeds

Water as needed



Mix the clay and compost with a smidgen of water to make it doughy

Take some mixture in your and about the size of a golf ball.

Place some seeds in the centre

Round the clay mixture into a ball shape and leave to dry for a couple of days. Then you are ready to throw!



You can make seed bombs any size you like! You can have tiny pea size ones for cracks and crevices and larger tennis ball size ones for larger areas. There are no limits!





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