Plant Besties and Baddies

Did You Know?

Plants (especially fruit and veg) are like people, they thrive on companionship. It is believed that when certain vegetable and fruit plants are planted together they can yield up to two times the produce!

Also, just like people, plants can have enemies and when planted together can actually deter produce and growth.

This is especially important when planning what to plant in your garden. Science confirms some plants bully others. Certain plants grow rapidly, crowd others and take more than their fair share of water, sun and nutrients. Some exude toxins that stunt plant growth or kill plants. A common example of this is the Black Walnut tree that produces hydrojuglone. Other plants are upstanding citizens and do good by adding nutrients to the soil, drawing beneficial insects into the garden or by confusing insects in search of their host plants.

Large groupings of one type of vegetable serve as a beacon to problematic pests. If you mix in flowers and herbs, it becomes more difficult for pests to find your veggies. The scent of flowers and herbs, as well as the change up in color, is thought to confuse pests. Certain flowers and herbs attract beneficial insects to your garden.

We have compiled this handy chart so you can see what goes well together and what should be planted far away from each other!

Download this file as a pdf here >>> Companion Planting

It’s not just fruit and veg that have Besties.

Both Lavender and Marigolds love to be planted with Roses and make a treat for the senses!

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