Spring Garden Tips

Spring time is many gardeners favourite time of year as after the Winter’s deep sleep the colours, flora and fauna come to life again! Follow these basic tips to make sure you are getting the most from your garden this Spring!

Start seed potatoes off now indoors so they can develop green sprouts.

Order your vegetable seeds now for spring sowing.

Prune fruit bushes, and Roses now. Roses like the Flower Carpet types can be cut back very hard now to about 3 inches(7-8cm.)

Clear the ground of fallen leaves and debris to allow hidden hibernating bulbs to peep out again.

Watch for any weeds that are starting to go to seed, even at this early stage and remove them immediately to prevent them seeding. As the saying goes : ” One years weeds, Seven years weeding” , so get them young and get them on the compost heap.

Tidy all wall climbers, Trim where needed and tie in where needed.

Plant flower bulbs now for colour from now until autumn. Use potgrown bulbs for early spring colour and from March onwards, plant bulbs of Dahlia, Begonia & Lily.

Plant new Barerooted Hedges before end of March.

This is a deadline, so you must get the soil prepared now.
Spray off any weeds, and big a trench along the required length.
Select either Beech, Hornneam , Privet or Whitethorn.
Pot Grown hedging can of course be planted at any time of year.

Prepare any seed trays, cloches etc and service your lawnmower

If you can do even 1 small job every day or week, you will make very steady progress while the weather is kind.

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year in the garden but with some simple prep you can stay ahead! Don’t forget to contact us with any questions you may have about getting started!

If stuck indoors with bad weather, then use the time to plan new ideas for your garden. Lots of interesting ideas can be found on Pinterest and you can view our own boards here Johnstown Pinterest.

Our webshop is now jam packed with new Spring goodies like Vegetable seeds, seed potatoes, Summer flowering bulbs, hanging basket plants, onion sets and garlic and Cottage Garden Perennials so plenty of food for thought!


Beautiful Spring Garden


Dahlia bulbs are available now!


Start planting Vegetable seeds!


Trim roses, wall climbers and fruit bushes


Plant bare root hedging now


Now is the perfect time to start your own seed potatoes!

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  1. Nick furlong

    My red robin hedge is not really coming together. You can see through it all the time. It’s not looking healthy. What can I do to help it along, e.g. Feeding / cutting etc.
    Many thanks

    1. Post

      Hi Nick! This is not a very dense hedge anyway, but you can feed it in Spring, then trim it lightly later and train it to shape. Katie

  2. Lorna Jackman

    Delighted to come across such a delightful blog from the local area it is great to get such valuable advice from people that near by. I will definitely be bookmarking this site and put it into my favourites. As I am a keen gardener and like to do the best I can. The advice here will come in very handy I just checked out your Pinterest what a treasure trove of hints tips and advice that is always needed in my case anyway.

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