Is Your Garden Winter Ready?

We love Winter! Christmas trees, Hellebores, Ponsettia and Holly we love all the Winter plants!

But what about your already planted and established Spring garden? It goes into hiding over the Winter months and being Winter-ready is a real investment for a show stopping display in Spring and Summer.

This Spring garden needs to be cared for all year round to ensure it looks this good year on year!

This Spring garden needs to be cared for all year round to ensure it looks this good year on year!

Usually, the best time to get Winter ready is in late Autumn, but f you haven’t gotten the pruners out yet don’t worry! Now is your last chance to make sure hibernation goes smoothly.

Materials will be based on your specific garden size and content but the general rule of thumb is as follows.

You will need:

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Pick a point in the garden and start from there. Work your way around trimming any overgrown branches and shoots using your pruners and shears. Saw off any low hanging or damaged branches if desired. Remember! There is no right or wrong way to do this. It all comes down to personal style. If you like the crisp, clean, perfectly trimmed look then go for it! If you are more of a rough-around-the-edges type then that is ok too!

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Pull the weeds and spread that mulch thick! You need to protect your roots as much as possible from ground frost. Sweep up any areas that do not require any like paths or stones.

Mound up and tuck in extra mulch around plants that you know need an extra boost during the coldest months. For your precious perennials, cover over the trimmed back plants like Dahlias, Clematis, Caladiums and Cala Lillies. If you are really worried that certain plants may not survive, dig them up and store them in a cardboard box in a dry place like a shed or basement. Make sure you add extra soil or sawdust to prevent them from drying out so you can replant them in Spring.

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Make the right plant choices. Choose tough roses and plants for Winter Gardens to make your job easier each year. Flower carpet roses, hybrid teas and climbers are all hardy choices. Trim them back by about two thirds, mulch and clear away any trimmings.

This is a cut back flower carpet rose through Winter

This is a cut back flower carpet rose through Winter

And this is the reward!

And this is the reward!

Mark your favourite plants after you have done your tidying. It is possible that you may forget where your treasured perennials are once they have been cut back and mulched over. Pop some stakes and labels around the garden so you don’t forget which plant is where. This ensures you don’t dig up any treasures before Spring!

Now, make a cup of tea and give yourself a pat on the back. Put your feet up and enjoy the rest before your fully prepared Winter garden comes to life again in Springtime :)

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