Make Your Own Mini Moss Garden

This year it’s all about stylish indoor gardening and the latest trend is Mini Moss Gardens and Terrariums. Not only do these provide a great source of oxygen but they are also easy to care for, easy to maintain and extremely easy to make to add some love colour and foliage to your home.


You Will Need:

Container: Any size, shape-it’s up to you!

Activated charcoal (You can also use stones, pebbles, sand, bark etc)

Potting compost


Terrarium Plants


Watering Can




Step 1:

Add approx. 2 inches of your chosen material (charcoal, sand, bark etc) to the bottom of your container


Step 2:

Combine remaining material with compost using your hands or a trowel.


Step 3:

Fill your container to 1/3 full with this mixture. Gently pack the soil to avoid large air pockets.


Step 4:

Starting with the larger plants, gently remove them from their containers and position on top of soil to ensure correct spacing. Allow enough rooms between plants for extra soil.


Step 5:

Use your hands to pack soil around the plants. Tuck plants deep enough into the soil to cover all roots.

Step 6:

Cover remaining soil with moss and other smaller plants. Use your hands or a tweezers if necessary.


Step 7 (Optional):

Add little characters, figures, anything you like!





Step 8:

Water your new garden and place in a well-lit area with indirect light. Always test the soil moisture before watering again. A light misting every now and again should suffice.

As your plants grow you can trim accordingly.


Here are some ideas to get you started :)

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